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Simple Stix

Mastering Drummer Life Goals

The Simple Stix M.D.L.G is over 25 years of my professional experience developed into an online body of work to help drummers to develop their playing to an expert level without expensive coaches by using simple to implement techniques used by the professionals and much, much more!

This course will be your new home for learning the best and most effective skills to play the drums and further your career. Empowering you to become the best drummer you can be with the most effective, no-nonsense advice, Perfect for those that want to learn the most important skills for personal growth, to build confidence and skills on the drumkit, Learn the inside tricks of the trade. 

Building on your ultimate passion or to turn it into a profession,

What ever your drumming desire is you can make it happen with this course.

If you're interested in becoming a member of the course then arrange a FREE Mentorship Call with Lars now!.


“Simple Stix has really helped me learn the fundamentals quickly and easily, building my singles, doubles, paradiddles and triplet fills to a level that gave the the confidence to go out and gig with.”

Lee Roberts - Age 22

So what's Exactly in the online course?

Videos MDLG
00 Equipment Thumbnail.jpg

Knowing your equipment and what you need moving forward.


  • Video 01 - An overview on module one & further guidance on equipment.

  • Video 02 - Standard Drum Kit Setup - Names & use.

  • Video 03 - Natural Drum Kit placement to streamline with your body position.

  • Video 04 - Setup options for the left handed drummer.

  • Video 05 - What to have in your stick bag at all times.

  • Video 06 - How to use a Metronome for your practice.

  • Video 07 - Tuning Tips to get the best kit sound.

  • Video 08 - No kit, No problem!, Develop skills without a kit.

00 Practical Skills Thumbnail.jpg


  • Video 01 - An overview to module two & more tips on practical skills.

  • Video 02 - Warm up stretches' & drummers Health.

  • Video 03 - Drum stick Grip, Position and Technique.

  • Video 04 - Playing with Brushes, a basic look into the artform.

  • Video 05 - Push Pull hand Technique & The 'Valving' finger training.

  • Video 06 - Endurance training for better performance.

  • Video 07 - Playing Accents, Ghost Notes and The Flam.

  • Video 08 - Building Foot Pedal Technique Including the Double Pedal.

  • BONUS Video 09 - The C.O.R.E Practice Method, A quick, easy and fun way to productively structure your practice.


The important skills and techniques to improve your playing.

00 Theory Thumbnail.jpg


All you really need to know about Drum Notation.


  • Video 01 - An overview to module three & more theory advise.

  • Video 02 - Knowing your sheet music.

  • Video 03 - Learning the basics of drum notation.

  • Video 04 - Understanding standard Note Values.

  • Video 05 - Triplet Note Values Counting 8th & 16th note triplets.

  • Video 06 - The 32nd Note, A look at 32nd note theory in simple terms..

  • Video 07 -  An advance look into Master Drum Notation Keys.

  • Video 08 - A look into sight reading and to get a feel for variations of note values within a piece of music.

Rudiments Thumbnail_22837.jpg


  • Video 01 - An overview of module four and the power of rudiments.

  • Video 02 - The Single Stroke Roll, Building stick control, Dynamics and speed.

  • Video 03 - The Double Stroke Roll, Make faster patterns smoother to play by doubling up notes on each hand.

  • Video 04 - The Paradiddle Roll, the best rudiment to open up your groove vocabulary.

  • Video 05 - The Double Paradiddle Roll, a great rudiment to sink your teeth into playing Eighth and Sixteenth note triplet's.

  • Video 06 - Triplets, spice up your playing with single stroke triplets.

  • BONUS Video 07 - Triplets, RLRRLR and LRLLRL Sticking, Training exercises and cool 4 bar phrase to add to your drumming tools.


The TOP 5 rudiments that you need to know how to play.

Shifting Gears Thumbnail_03417 1_00887.jpg


Mixing up rudiments and note values for focused practice.


  • Video 01 - An overview of module five and why 'Shifting gears' can really benefit your drumming.

  • Video 02 - The Single Stroke Roll, together with three key note values into a more challenging routine.

  • Video 03 - The Double Stroke Roll, Using the same Key multiple note values in a looping sequence to build a progressive training routine.

  • Video 04 - Paradiddle Roll, Building up this awesome rudiment into a 5 bar shifting gear training pattern.

  • Video 05 - Double Paradiddle Roll, Using Eighth note Triplet and Sixteenth note Triplet values to build a killer training routine.

  • Video 06 - Shifting gears to the next level, Mixing Four Rudiments with the 8th note Value.

  • Video 07 - Mixing Note Values and Rudiments together, The BIG 4 shifting Gear.

  • BONUS Video 08 - Clear, Effective phrases using Note Values and Rudiments within One Bar, PLUS introducing the 32nd note value for the first time.

Drum Kit Grooves Title_00724.jpg


  • Video 01 - An overview of module six and why these groove are important.

  • Video 02 - The Fundamental Groove, the best simple groove to get you started.

  • Video 03 - Ghost Notes With The Fundamental Groove, The simple but effective way to develop playing ghost notes.

  • Video 04 - 16th Note Hi Hats Four On The Floor Groove, A great groove to build on you 16's hand work with a solid kick drum backbone.

  • Video 05 - Single Stroke Hi Hats & Ride Groove, Great for developing your hands split between the hats and ride cymbal.

  • Video 06 - Funky Paradiddle Groove, introducing the paradiddle into your every day playing and building your accents and ghost notes.

  • Video 07 - Paradiddle Hats & Ride Groove, Help further building your split hands advancing on the paradiddle in you groove playing.

  • Video 08 - Double Paradiddle Latin Groove, advancing your playing using 8th note triplets and moving you left had all around the kit.

  • Video 09 - 16th Note Triplet Groove with The Double Paradiddle, Developing a 16th note triplet feel with groove and feel.

  • BONUS Video 10 - Playing Reggae Vibes, a look at basic reggae drumming and its use in pop culture via the song Watching The Detectives.

  • BONUS Video 11 - The Swing pulse, getting a feel for playing Jazz.

  • BONUS Video 12 - The Shuffle & Straight 8's, a look at the technique for Rock n Roll, Country and The Blues.


All the grooves you really need to get playing.

Drum Kit Fill Thumbnail_03417.jpg


Simple but effective drum fills the professionals use.


  • Video 01 - An overview of module seven and the reason why these drum fills are so useful to start with.

  • Video 02 - The 8th Note Single Stroke Drum Fill, The first natural fill to learn around the whole kit.

  • Video 03 - The 16th Note Single Stroke Drum Fill, Time to get fast and effective around the drum kit.

  • Video 04 - Mama Dada Drum Fill, A creative use of doubles between the snare and all the toms.

  • Video 05 - S.T.K Drum Fill, getting creative with a 16th note Phrase on the Snare, Toms and Kick drum.

  • Video 06 - The Double Kicker Drum Fill, Introducing two fast kick drum hits within a 16th note drum fill.

  • Video 07 - The Flam Drum Fill, Playing the flam around the kit to create a cool, effective drum fill.

  • Video 08 - The Paradiddle Drum Fill, Splitting up a Paradiddle between the Snare and floor tom to make an interesting drum fill.

  • Video 09 - S . T . Triplet Drum Fill, a funky fill playing left hand doubles on the Snare whilst moving a single right hand hit around the toms in a Triplet note phrase.

  • Video 10 - Triplet Chop Drum Fill, An advanced triplet pattern using the Hi-Hats, Kick, Snare and all the Toms to really build your "Chops".

  • BONUS Video 11 - FAST and Flashy 32nd note drum fill, Now we're filling the bar with some awesome 32nd phrasing.

000 Advanced Skills And Techniques Thumbnail 3_01039_01039.jpg


  • Video 01 - An overview of module eight and how to take your playing to the next level.

  • Video 02 - The Constant Release Foot Pedal Technique.

  • Video 03 - A further look into double bass drum technique.

  • Video 04 - More freedom around the drumkit through Limb Independence.

  • Video 05 - Understanding : DownBeat, UpBeat, On-beat, Off-beat and Backbeat.

  • Video 06 - The 'Larsadiddle' A Fast and Funky sticking pattern, RLRR-LLRL.

  • Video 07 - Moving around the click, Playing more feel with a fixed click or Backing track to give a natural performance.

  • Video 08 - Soloing and Improvising, how to play planned and improvised drum solos both freestyle and within a song or bar structure.

  • BONUS Video 09 - The KING KONG Beat, the techniques used by funky drummers like David Garibaldi from Tower Of Power. 


A closer look at some advance playing and fun, useful Knowledge in simple terms.

000 Make Money Teaching Thumbnail.jpg


How to become a teacher and use this course as your syllabus.


  • Video 01 - An overview of module nine and how straight forward and rewarding teaching can be.

  • Video 02 - Teachers guide, The ready made beginners lesson plan.

  • Video 03 - Online Teaching, Everything you need to teach remotely.

  • Video 04 - One to One, how to run drum lessons in person.

  • Video 05 - What to charge and how to bill.

  • Video 06 - What ages to teach and how to best teach for the pupils of that age range.

  • Video 07 - How to teach the boring stuff through what they love to learn.

  • Video 08 - Safe guarding, To protect both yourself and the pupil.

000 Going Professional Thumbnail.jpg


  • Video 01 - An overview of module ten and how to turn your passion into a career.

  • Video 02 - Promotion, How to get yourself out working.

  • Video 03 - Calculating the costs, What your skills are worth.

  • Video 04 - The Legal stuff, All you need to know about Contracts, Documents, Insurance and Unions.

  • Video 05 - Nail the Audition, Do's and don'ts when it comes to auditions.

  • Video 06 - Gig Preparation, Making sure you're ready for the show.

  • Video 07 - A professional attitude, How to deal with people and situations in a musicians everyday working life.

  • Video 08 - Drum set etiquette, How to behave on the drum kit in both studio and Stage environments.

  • BONUS Video 09 - DON'T Under value yourself or Others, Vital advice on respecting yourself and others Mentally, physically and financially.


The knowledge needed to advance into

a full time profession.

Playalong - 01 - Introduction.jpg

BONUS Play-Along Songs

A selection of fun 'No Drum' songs to test your skills out with.


    All videos come with a play through / Drumless MP3 for you.

  • Video 01 - A Look at how the fun play along songs can help test your skills and further your own musicianship.

  • Video 02 - Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz. Working on single hand 16th's and solid groove.

  • Video 03 - Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley. Working on Swing and Straight 8 skills.

  • Video 04 - Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears. Working on 8th note Triplets Skills.

  • Video 05 - Before I forget by Slipknot. working on double bass drum technique.

  • Video 06 - Good Times/Rappers Delight/Le Freak by Nile Rogers. working on a funky mix of 16 note hats, Ghost notes and funky beats.

  • Video 07 - Cold Shot Stew by Lars Wickett & Cold Shot Trio. Working on Soloing and improvising.

  • Video 08 - Studio Medley By Lars Wickett & Riots, David Saylor, NYA. Working on multiple time changes and arrangements in one piece.

  • BONUS Video 09 - Watching The Detectives by Elvis Costello. A Bonus Jam with this triplet led Reggae feel tune.

  • BONUS Video 10 - Squib Cakes by Tower Of Power. developing you inner David Garibaldi.

Guest Mentors
Bonus Features_01134.jpg



The seasoned professionals answer your questions.

Yes you read it right! I shall be asking seasoned professionals your selected questions in relaxed pre-recorded interview's which will then be available to watch anytime as part of the course, The 'Guest Mentors' shall be announced in the Exclusive facebook group in the run up to their talk and you will be able to leave your questions in the comments. A select few shall then be picked at random for them to answer.

Our current Guest Mentors are:

Robert Brian

Robert Brian

 Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers), Peter Gabriel, Goldfrapp, siouxsie sioux (Siouxsie and the Banshees), Simple Minds, XTC Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding

Emily Dolan Davies

Emily Dolan Davis

Bryan Ferry, The Darkness,

Kim Wilde, Howard Jones, Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey, Tricky, Cher Lloyd, The Hours, ITV’s The Voice Kids.

Derrick McKenzie

Derrick McKenzie


Groove Culture,Pro DJ, Session Drummer 


Access to the M.D.L.G Exclusive Online Group.

This is one of the best parts of joining the the course. You will be in communication with like-minded aspiring drummers who share their struggles and triumphs. It’s a place for you to post your progress and get feedback on what you’re working on. Being able to feed off of like minded people is so important and this is the place to do it.


In course discounts on drum events and equipment.

As a member for the M.D.L.G on top of everything else you will get access to cool stuff like discounts on drumming events and equipment, exclusive links to awesome online talks, connections with industry professionals and much more.

VIP Online
One to One
One To One Mentorship_01056.png


Personal online bookings with Lars Wickett

Finally the icing on the drummers cake! You can get One To One 1 hour online bookings with me to discuss or work on any part of your drumming goals, You can book anytime subject to my Calendar availability, so you have the flexibility to work at your own pace and speak with me when needed with your free mentorships calls.

At the end of your FREE Mentorship sessions you will be able to discuss any further ongoing mentorship with me, Plus anyone that does have One to One Mentorship with me I will check in on you from time to time via the Online Community to help keep you on track

Please be aware that the One To One mentorship calls are only valid within the 12 months from the date you Book.

Change your drumming future NOW, Book your FREE Mentorship Call with Lars!.


do I get lifetime access??

"Yes! you have access to the facebook group, Selected Bonuses and course content for Life."

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