after years of touring, studio work and hard graft learning the skills to be a professional drummer Lars decided to pass on some of the skills that makes him the player he is today.

“I become a teacher almost out of the blue when I was asked to step in for someone at Stratford College for a few weeks.  

After that, a few weeks led to a few more and they wanted me to stay. But my passion was on the road so I had to sadly decline.

It turned out for the best because now I have The Drum Suite, my very own studio from which I teach from.

Unlike a lot of drum teachers I’m not teaching to cram in as many students as I can.  In fact I never have more than eight 

pupils on my books at one time, so it’s very Exclusive service. This enables me to focus on your needs and to pass my skills on to you, the select few that really want to learn with me.”


Drum Lessons with Lars are on a One to One Basis in The Drum Suite which is a fully kitted out teaching room complete with an acoustic drum kit for both of us and recording equipment should we need it.

Each of your Drum Lessons are an hour for each, which I have found to be the optimum length.

The minimum age for Drum Lessons is eight years old. Parents are welcome to use the comfortable facilities during the lesson.


For more information on prices, times and availability, please feel free to Email Lars using Contact below.