drum lessons

all my lessons are one hour, one to one private lessions at my purpose designed studio the silver suite.

lessons are £25 per hour regular booking, block booking is available at £85 for four one hour sessions saving you £15 a month.

i also do personalised gift certificates for for all occasions so get in touch if you're interested,


please click on contact below for studio address and to email me for more information on booking in. 

parent and student reviews

“I went drumming because I listened to music and I thought it would be great to drum.. Lars is wicked, he is funny also he is talented, he is legendary at teaching he could probably teach you some song‘s if you wanted him to.”


Harry Goodall, Age 9


“I had never picked up a set of drumsticks in my life, let alone sat at a drum kit.

I had a chat with Lars, and he gave me a 30-minute “taster” lesson. Needless to say, I absolutely loved it and have never looked back since.

Lars has a great, laid back teaching technique – always happy to discuss things in a relaxed atmosphere, and a really patient guy – even when I am asking the same question for the fifth time!

I really look forward to our lessons – really is an hour where I can express myself – with an expert hand to guide me along the way.”


Jim Goodall.

“only after two two lessons i noticed a huge improvement in my son, charlies playing .”


david stevenson


“lars really helped me learn the fundamentals quickly and easily, building my singles, doubles, paradiddles and triplet fills to a level that gave the the confidence to go out and gig with.”

lee roberts - age 19.


"lars really helped my 13 year old son Jordan with his asperghers symdrome by giving him the reinforcement of confidence through learning the drums."

Dawn james

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