Discography (Order from newest to oldest)

*(Album) "Black Soul Vendetta" with Devilfire, May 2020.

*(E.P) "Out Of The Dark" with Devilfire, 2019.

*(Album) "dark manoeuvres" with Devilfire, oct 2017.

* (Music video) "she's like fire" with Devilfire, august 2017.

* (Music video) "waiting for a rockstar", with Devilfire, 2017.

* (E.P) "the witching hour", with wrath of the gods, 2017.

* (Music video) "the witching hour", with Wrath or the gods, april 22nd 2017.

* (Music video) "she always on the run", with Devilstar, november 4th 2016.

* (Album) “Uninvited Guests”, with Jameson Raid, July 1st 2015.

* (Album) “Resistance”, with Vienna In Love, Release TBC.

* (E.P) "longwave sessions", with nya, may 22nd 2015.

* (E.P) “Bushido”, with Vienna In Love, February 2015

* (Single) “Start Again”, with Riots, December 2013.

* (Mini Album) “Kiss Of Judas”, with David A Saylor, October 2013.

* (Music Video) “One More Glam Day”, with Skimmer, 31st May 2013.

* (Music Video) ” Lullaby”, with Tamar Roxx, 13th February 2013.

* (Music Video) “You Are”, with Nya, November 1st 2012.

* (E.P) “Take it off”, with KINN, 2010 Un-Released.

* (Music Video) “Want Me, Need Me”, with KINN, November 16th 2009.

* (E.P) “Self Titled”, with KINN, May 14th 2009.
* (Music Video) “EST 1970”, with Cold Shot Trio, September 9th 2008.

* (E.P) “Limited Edition”, with Cold Shot Trio, March 10th 2008.
* (Single) “EST 1970”, with Cold Shot Trio, July 30th 2007.

* (Single) “Wonderful”, with William Hicks, January 31st 2007.

* (Album) “self titled”, with Harriet Curtis-Lowe, June 18th 2006.

* (Single) “East Coast”, with Rachel Mainstone, Released March 6th 2006.

* (E.P) “We Stand Alone”, with Stryder, October 29th 2006.
* (Live Album) “Live in Kingsland”, with Stryder (Original line-up), September 3rd 2005.
* (Live Album) “Live at Rich B***h”, with Sons Of Chaos, June 1st 2005.
* (E.P) “Save Yourself”, with King Mantis, February 7th 2005.
* (Film Soundtrack) “Empty” on the award winning film “Phone-O-Phobia” by Naomi Vera-Sanso, Band-King Mantis, August 7th 2004.
* (Music Video) “Let It Go”, with King Mantis, March 31st 2004.
* (E.P) “Cranial Distinction”, with King Mantis, March 31st 2004.
* (Album) “Loser Makes Good”, with The Last Article, summer 2003.

Discography & Artist Roster

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WOTG - Witching Hour (2016)
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Devilstar 2016
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Jameson Raid - Uninvited Guests
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Artist Roster - Click on the Name to view their websites.
*Uli Jon Roth (Former Scorpions Lead Guitarist)

*The Blues Brothers “Approved” (Blues Brothers Theatre Show)

*Space Cowboy (Jamiroquai Tribute Show)

*Fast Love (George Michael Tribute)

*Nya (Hard rock/metal)

*Vienna In Love (Indie/Electro)

*Corvus (Rock)

*The Dream Factory (MOD/Indie)

*Souled Out 2 Funk (Motown Soul)

*Tamar Roxx (Hard rock)

*David A Saylor (AOR)

*Chris Barber Jazz Band

*Flares (Covers Band)

*Parklife (Indie)

*Skimmer (Punk)

*Acoustic Energy Trio (Function Trio)

*Riots (Alt Rock)

*This Is Tina (Tina Turner Tribute)

*Jameson Raid (Metal)

*Devilfire (Hard Rock)

*The Darkest Blood (Speed Metal)

*The Last Article (post hardcore)

*King Mantis ( heavy Rock)

*wrath of the gods (metal)

*Sons Of Chaos ( heavy metal)

*Rachel Mainstone (pop/jazz/blues)
*The Anomalies (hip hop)
*Stryder (heavy rock)
*Cold Shot Trio (Funk fusion)
*Young Guns (Function Band)
*True To Tina (Tina Turner Tribute)
*Doctor Bruce (Function Band)
*William Hicks (Writer/Producer @ Rocket Music Management London)
*Steve Gibbons (rock n roll)
*Bootleg ABBA (ABBA Tribute)
*KINN (Hard Rock)
*When In Rome ( Funk Covers Band)
*Quest (Function Band)
*tourniquet (Rock Covers)
*The Commander In Chief (Metal – Female 7 string guitar soloist)
*JACKHYDE (Function Band)
*Jordan Bracewell ( Guitar Artist & Vampires Rock’s Guitarist)